The art of rebellion

Meet Rita & Ibrahim, an incredibly talented couple that left their established careers to pursue their dreams of creating a bold new fine jewelry brand. Rebellion was a major theme throughout everything – from the playful, unexpectedness of the pieces created to it being a purely DTC brand to the personality of the founders. This segued into the essence of the brand being centered on the idea of “The Art of Rebellion” – a narrative that was all about celebrating self-expression, confidence, colour, creativity, boldness and femininity.

Why Maveroc

Naming is always one of the most challenging aspects of creating a brand. It’s incredibly personal, subjective and often all the great ideas you come up with are taken. We explored many themes and ideas, focusing predominantly on evocative and associative names – names that communicated the brand idea without being too descriptive (our favourite kind of names)! And thus Maveroc was born.

With a strategic foundation in place, a name we all fell in love with and the essence of rebellion at the heart of the brand, we developed the brand identity that consisted of a vibrant colour palette made up of our favourite colours – pink and yellow! The colours of passion, optimism and creativity. We selected contemporary, bold typefaces, and created a visual language that allowed the hero of our story to shine: the jewelry. This was followed by developing all the supporting touchpoints where the brand really comes to life – from creating the packaging and image style to working closely with the founders and various partners to design, direct and launch the website, social media and photoshoots.

Passionate Cheerleaders

The team: Yellow works collaboratively with our in-house team which was made up of Sarah, Mamta, Dan, Stuart along with a special shout out to our partners and collaborators.

We’ve worked on some of the most successful homegrown brands in the region like OliOli, Cafu, Luma, Goat amongst many others. If you’ve been daydreaming of starting your own business, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for!

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