Brand strategy, brand identity, tone of voice, messaging, website, social media, photography style and packaging for the first FemTech platform centered on giving women total control over their fertility journey.

TikTok over Tick Tock

OvaSave is the first fem-tech startup of its kind in the region, with a focus on fertility and women’s health. A tech platform that provides women with access to fertility and egg freezing services across a vetted network that will grow to more than 50 partner clinics in 10 countries and 20 cities.

We created a brand strategy that encourages women to fight against the tyranny of the dreaded biological clock that has ruled their lives and open their minds to options.

Freeze your eggs, not your ambitions.

We spoke to multiple women to understand the concerns, barriers and customer journey and benchmarked against some global brands that are in a similar space. The led to the creation of a brand platform centered around the idea of being there for a new generation of women, helping them pursue their amibitions and put themselves first.

We loved creating the tone of voice and messaging for this brand, which is rebellious, powerful, encouraging, unconventional and energetic.

Productive now. Reproductive later.

With the brand centered around the idea of putting women in charge of their biological clock, the logo depicts this by subtly incorporating an on / off switch withing the O.

We developed a rich visual language made up graphical devices and illustrations to support an image style that shows women living their life to the fullest, pursuing their personal and professional goals. A full set of original icons were also created for use throughout the website and app, along with packaging for the testing kits, social media look and feel and design of various collateral.

Ready to create now?

We’ve been working on some incredible tech platforms and DTC brands. If you have seen a gap in the market, a pain point that you have a great solution for and have been wondering whether to take the leap or not, we say go for it! If it’s a REALLY great idea aligned with our values, we also consider partnering for equity.

Drop us a line: hello@welcometoyellow.com or use WhatsApp.

Services included: Brand strategy, brand identity, tone of voice, messaging, website, social media, photography style, and packaging.

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