Clement Lombelle

An uncompromising “je ne sais quoi”.

In fashion, it’s all about the next big drop. The latest Adidas x Moncler collab, the Jacquemus Chiquito, the Loewe Cloudtilt- you name it! And don’t we all live for that? So when our client came with their prototype of sunnies, our jaws dropped. This IS the next big drop. We know it.

We needed to create a brand that breaks free from the constraints of daily life, one that pushes self-discovery and freedom; yet is a lasting timeless slice of luxury. Something for the seen and be seen, for the gifters, for the quiet fashion gurus… something that would enable everyone to celebrate their uniqueness, one way or another.

Handcrafted somewhere in France, Champagnole.

Welcome to the world of Clément Lombelle. A world where elegance meets luxury, where craftsmanship exudes uniqueness. Yellow’s mandate: to create a brand that makes a statement; one that embodies the artistry and edginess.

We developed the strategy, claiming a unique positioning for Clément Lombelle. One that is a reflection of our target audience’s state of mind.
What inspired our aesthetics? The classic pragmatic, the funky biker, the colorful happy souls.

The whole journey with Clément Lombelle from strategic foundation to visual identity development was one embracing imagination, individuality, sophistication and artistic expression.

The outcome? The next big drop! And we can’t wait to get our hands on a pair!

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