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We worked across different touchpoints, from the image style to packaging, all the way to social media look & feel. The intent was to showcase an unusual yet effortless form of grandeur, one that is home to some of the finest brands around the world.

A place of discovery

DTC has disrupted jewelry.

It’s no longer something you wait for your significant other to hopefully buy once a year for your birthday 🤞! Now, it’s all about self-expression and self-gifting – from me to ME! We love the new generation’s aversion to “diamonds are forever” and should cost 3x your salary in favor of street-wear styles, stacking and independent, colorful brands.

So when our client came to us with the idea of an outlet that stocked the most coveted DTC and eclectic brands from around the world, we were on board and in love!

We wanted to create a brand that flirts with the edges. A brand so boho and whimsical that it screams unexpected, sublime. A brand that is simply…it!

A destination, a mood, a moment!

The it place, the discovery, that avant-garde destination where you will always find something new to fall in [or express] love with.

A brand that celebrates art, self-expression and discovering the IT girl in you.

With the strategy in place, we developed the unapologetic brand identity. One that illustrates the destination. A destination for those who are champions of self-expression, curators and narrators of their own story.

Seeking the unexpected?

You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve partnered with some of the most successful brands across the region – from the finest jewelry to the coolest restaurants and avant-garde tech platforms!

Not sure how to stand out within your landscape? Yellow does!
We will encourage you to flirt with the edges of your tastes, break the barriers and be a little braver in your choices!

You and us? We can make magic happen!

Drop us a line: or message us on WhatsApp.

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