Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, Starbucks, and Tesla are only some of the most well-known companies that are killing it with their branding campaigns. Through their innovative, forward-thinking concepts and success in bringing these ideas to life, they have managed to establish and hold on to their position at the top.

Big companies, though, are not the only ones that can achieve fame and success through branding. Regardless of the size of your company and years of existence, with the right plan, you can also step out of the shadows and get ahead of the competition.

Creating a Branding Strategy That Works

If you are currently working on your brand strategy for your Dubai business, make sure you incorporate these key elements to create one that will effectively propel your company to the top:

1. Company vision

No matter how amazing or unique your product is, it won’t get the attention it deserves if you can’t communicate what your goals are for creating it.  

As consumers today are smarter, more and more people are choosing to buy products based on why they were made and not simply because they are available. Because of this, your purpose should be front and center when crafting your branding strategy.

Use the primary reason why you made your product in the first place as your foundation. However, to draw in your audience, you need to paint a bigger picture, which should explain clearly why and how you can help them, as well as the impact you want to leave behind.

Whether you call the reason for your company’s existence your purpose, company objective, or mission vision, reassess it first and make the necessary tweaks, if necessary, before using it as the foundation for your branding strategy.

2. Company values

Your core values are another crucial element that you should never neglect when building your branding strategy.

Your company values are the central beliefs that guide your business in terms of how you operate. They should influence everything, from how you manufacture and market your product, manage your team, and deal with your customers.

When you are successful in conveying your core values, you will be able to retain your current customers and attract new ones that share these principles.

Reviewing your corporate values before working on your branding strategy is also a must. You have to be as specific as possible so that they resonate with your audience.

Additionally, you have to ensure you and your team will live by and follow through with these principles. If you don’t, you will disappoint your target market. As such, you have to narrow down your beliefs to the ones that you value the most and can apply in various areas of your operations.

3. Brand identity

One of the main goals you have to get from your branding efforts is to stand out from the competition successfully. Establishing your brand identity and incorporating this into your strategy will help you work on this.

Your brand identity will influence how people will recognize your company and whether they should or should not engage with you. As such, you have to create an authentic one that represents your business and your values.

If you haven’t set your brand identity yet, start by conducting a brand audit to know where your company stands in the market and amid your competition. Once you have the details, you will know how to proceed to the next step, which is revising or modifying your brand style guide.

With a better, more authentic style guide that epitomizes your brand, more people will recognize your business faster. You will boost your brand awareness online and offline.

4. Consistency

Getting people to trust you depends on one important factor: consistency. If you are conveying a professional brand identity, but your employees wear casual outfits in the office and do not deal with customers politely, you will lose their trust and business fast.

Additionally, if you keep sharing posts that do not relate to or enhance your brand or follow your guidelines, you will end up confusing your audience. They will start doubting the authenticity of your company.

To make your branding strategy work for (and not against) your business, make sure all practices and messages are cohesive. They should follow your brand style guide on everything from the tone of voice to the color palette, to the manner of engaging with people.

Any photo or graphic shared on social media or used in marketing materials should be in line with your visual brand guidelines as well.

When you develop a reputation for being consistent, you will increase brand recognition. And this will help you gain more customers and fuel their loyalty.

5. Focus on customer satisfaction

Lastly, your branding strategy should have the aim of gaining more customers and keeping the current ones.

To keep your existing customer base loyal, maintain a positive relationship with them. Make sure all employees that deal with consumers have outstanding communication skills because a lot depends on how they deliver information and messages.

Additionally, keep all your customers satisfied by exceeding their expectations. Put in some effort to understand your audience and their problems better to improve your product and deliver it in a way that it makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Finally, your branding strategy should also have provisions on rewarding loyal customers. By cultivating their loyalty, you encourage them to work as brand ambassadors that will help you widen your audience reach.

Incorporating these elements into your branding strategy can be tricky. If you and your team are having difficulties doing so, reach out to the experts.

As one of the leading branding companies in Dubai, we can help you create a strategy that will help you reach your marketing and business goals. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can assist you.