To say that the coronavirus pandemic has thrown the world off-kilter is an understatement. Much has changed since the news broke out about the virus, including how people use e-commerce in their daily lives.

Along with the economic slowdown and shifting priorities, your corporate branding strategy should also adapt to the changing times. In the rapidly transforming world driven by the COVID-19 crisis, brands should step up their game not only to cope, but also to thrive in the midst of adversity.

Lockdown Lessons

At Yellow, our optimism and passion drive us to continually find ways to help our clients grow and flourish despite challenging times. As the best branding agency in this corner of the world, we take pride in our dedication to excellence and top-notch customer service.

Facing the reality of the times also prodded us to re-evaluate the branding strategies we have formulated for our customers. If you have a business struggling with the effects of the pandemic, you can turn to us for help in navigating the tricky twist this new normal has brought.

For one, if you haven’t paid much attention to e-commerce before, then you should consider it now. In response to COVID-19 management measures, millions of people were forced to stay home. In-person shopping and face-to-face interactions were drastically reduced which, in turn, led to intensified use of digital channels.

People turned to retail platforms not only for news and entertainment but also to purchase everyday items. Demand surged for home essentials such as toilet paper and health items like alcohol, sanitizers, face masks, and soaps. This behavior significantly influenced the increase in e-commerce traffic, with a record 22 billion monthly visits in June 2020 alone.

As a business owner, manager, or marketer, you know that you have to stay abreast of the latest e-commerce trends if you do not want your brand to be left behind. Here are a few significant trends to take note of:

1. Changed Consumer Behavior

What, where, and how consumers buy are now largely influenced by new normal standards. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic, people’s mindset and behaviors have also reshaped their purchase decisions.

As COVID-19 causes new behaviors to emerge and spurs old ones to evolve, trends also show consumers’ preference for trusted brands. To ensure that your brand stays top-of-mind, you should see to it that you remain relevant across customer touchpoints, including e-retail platforms and online commerce channels. Now, more than ever, a strong brand image and outstanding customer experience should play critical roles in your branding matrix.

Yellow can assist in the creation of a sound brand architecture that will pinpoint vital spots in the customer journey. With our expertise and branding experience, we can help you increase brand loyalty and retention by fostering trust through tactical brand communication and five-star customer relationship management.

2. Reliance on E-Commerce Platforms

Shopping and consumption trends show that more and more people rely on e-commerce platforms. According to Merkle’s Q4 2020 Media Insights Report, 12% of consumers spend more time on digital platforms this year. More time spent online would also increase the probability of shopping online as Bazaarvoice reports that 62% of consumers did just that compared to online shopping before the pandemic.

These data are just proof that, along with the newfound reliance of consumers on e-commerce, you should also look into digital acceleration when branding. Digital services will strengthen your brand presence in the market.

Current realities should lead you to reevaluate your physical footprint and shift to an omnichannel approach. Aim to develop your digital capabilities towards first-class customer experiences, including e-commerce and other online branding opportunities.

3. Upsurge in Social Media Use

According to an Influenster survey conducted in June 2020, 82% of the over 7,000 respondents revealed that they get information about a brand and its products most commonly through social media.

A seasoned digital branding agency should guide your business in developing the appropriate brand content, tone, and messaging to suit the current climate. Since 74% of consumers check the brand’s social media page before buying, you should also ensure that your online profiles are relevant and relatable, and offer adequate information.

Social media is a critical tool in reaching out to your target audience. Nowadays, it is not only used for catching up but also as an e-commerce tool. If you want to create lasting connections with your customers on social media, make sure that your brand values match your statements. It’s best to create meaningful and impactful social media content that can convert your e-commerce efforts to sales.

Thriving in the New Normal

We at Yellow believe that there will always be a ray of sunshine amidst the darkest of clouds. We remain confident that with a carefully planned and masterfully executed corporate branding strategy delivered by the best branding agency this side of the world, you can make your brand stand out and thrive through these challenging times. 

Get in touch with us today for more insights into helping your business adapt to the current reality.