Brand communication is an integral part of creating and maintaining a strong brand, and that has never been more true than it is in the post-pandemic world. As the top communication agency in Dubai, Yellow Branding knows how effective brand communication strategy can be when done correctly. 

If you are looking to keep your brand relevant in the months and years to come, read on for four truths to know about brand communication in a post-pandemic world.

1. Digital experience and e-commerce strategy must be prioritized.

One of the major shifts to happen during the pandemic is that consumers are utilizing online shopping more than ever before. And, this shows no signs of slowing down in a post-pandemic world. For this reason, brands must continue to modernize their digital experience strategies to ensure that they are ready to capture the online market. 

Even brands that already had a strong digital presence are looking for new ways to capitalize on e-commerce platforms and digital channels. Collecting and analyzing the appropriate data is key to understanding your target market and their post-pandemic behaviors and ensuring that you continue to offer services, products and experiences that suit their needs and interests.

In order to show up in the right way on digital platforms, it is crucial that you consider the full customer context and ensure that you are both intentional and relevant when creating customer moments across devices. Continue to listen closely to ensure that you are carefully monitoring the nuances in the relationship you have with your consumers. 

2. Brands must play a meaningful role in consumer’s lives.

Throughout the pandemic, consumers have started to ask themselves more questions regarding the brands that they support and where they spend their money. For this reason, in the post-pandemic world, brands need to ensure they are clearly demonstrating how they play a meaningful role in consumer’s lives; otherwise, you risk becoming irrelevant. 

Consumers want to support brands that contribute to their quality of life and well-being, and they determine this by the type of connection that companies cultivate with them. To succeed in the post-pandemic world, your brand needs to stand out to consumers by communicating how and why you are different from the competition and the personal benefits that you can bring them. Whether that is helping them to save time, improving their daily lives, or simply offering a unique and exciting product, customers need to know if they are going to choose you. 

Focusing on creating a meaningful role in consumer’s lives is also beneficial for your bottom line as it translates to an increase in brand awareness, purchases, and other important KPIs. 

To have a meaningful brand, you need to either inspire, entertain, educate, help, inform, or reward (or a combination of these). While your strategy will depend largely on the industry that you are in, across the board, these are things that help you to get closer to your customers and make an impact on their lives. Once you have chosen your strategy, you then need to create communication guidelines that align with your goals.  

3. Communications must relate to consumers’ curated preferences. 

One of the most powerful ways that brands can demonstrate that they understand their consumer is through communications that are curated to their preferences. After all, to bring value to your customers, it is crucial that you understand them and their wants and needs. The more you know your target consumer, the easier it will be to provide them with valuable communications, and the more effortless the relationship will feel

By listening to your consumers, you will have a better idea of what they are looking for and ways in which you can help them. This, in turn, aids you in successfully designing and executing communication maps throughout the buyer journey. Your brand’s communication map should be linked across all your consumer touchpoints and must be consistent and engaging. Each touchpoint must be relevant to your understanding of your target market’s behaviors and optimized for the appropriate channel. 

Additionally, it is crucial to ascertain when is the appropriate time to communicate, particularly when it comes to digital channels. Timing is just as important as content and is what separates brands that feel authentic from ones that don’t. Unless your communication feels genuine, you are going to be unable to create and maintain brand equity because it will feel more like promotional messages rather than value-giving communication. 

4. Communicating clearly and frequently is essential.

In the post-pandemic world, consumers require brands that are caring, genuine, and purposeful. This not only means that you have to understand your consumers and provide them with what they want, but it also means communicating clearly and frequently. With so much uncertainty in the world, consumers need to feel safe and comfortable with the brands that they are supporting. 

This means looking for ways to encourage conversation, rather than solely self-promotion. When communicating with consumers, respond with open-ended replies that help to create a humanized brand voice. Also, your content should be relevant and appealing, as well as curated to encourage a two-way conversation further. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to ensure your brand is set up for post-pandemic success, reach out to Yellow Branding today to learn about what we can do for you. Working in partnership with your company, our experts will help design and implement a communications strategy that keeps you relevant. As the top brand communication and social media agency in Dubai, we know what it takes to keep your target market engaged.

What do you think are the most critical aspects of brand communication in a post-pandemic world? How is your brand pivoting to meet the moment? What challenges are you currently foreseeing? Let us know your thoughts and any additional insights in the comments below.